Let Native Pride Warm You

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Warm colors and fabrics can inspire us to create many things. It’s even better when we can do so out of pride of where so many of our roots can be traced. We all have a warrior within, and this Native Warrior fabric showcases just that.

Do you have a loved one who would love a warm blanket? This lovely fabric can be used to create the backing for a quilt to warm them all year long.Using a fleece material in a quilt keeps you from paying extra for batting. Make a matching pillow case to accompany the quilt!
A favorite pet could cuddle on a bed that perhaps matches the motif of your living area. If you don’t have a pet, the vibrant material could be used as a wall design or even a set of curtains.
The bohemian free spirit scene is so popular in our culture today. At 4.99 a yard this soft but durable is ideal for any number of clothing pieces. This includes hoodies and pajama pants. With just a little creativity, and the right amount of material the possibilities are endless.

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Native Indian Fleece

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Synthetic fleece is made of polyester. This fabric is made from plastic fibers. This material holds its shape well, dries quickly, and does not shrink or wrinkle. They use a melting spinning process to create the polyester fiber for this material. It is also an eco-friendly material.

Fleece Printed Fabric Native Indian is 100 percent polyester fabric. The fabric is brushed on two sides and one side is treated with a method called anti-pill. This method treats the fabric to keep its shape. Fleece Printed Fabric Native Indian is a light fabric and it is easy to use for sewing clothing and crafts. It is 60″ wide by 36″ long and sold by the yard at $4.99. The color is Navy Indian, and it has an intricate design.

Heat will melt the fibers of this material. Wash fleece in cold water using the delicate cycle and dry on low. It can also be hand washed with cold water and hung to dry, too.
This material can be used to make cardigans, scarves, hats, socks, pillows, slippers, blankets, and oven mitts. Fleece can be used for sewing pants, shirts, skirts, trendy ponchos. Tag us on Instagram @BigZFabric with your creations and we will feature them!

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Native Indian Printes Fleece Fabric

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Printed Fleece Fabric

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Is there anything in the world quite as versatile as fleece? Without a doubt, fleece is one of the most versatile fabrics out there for your projects.

One thing you can do is, of course, create your own custom clothing. Have you ever been shopping for clothes, only to find that you want something they just don’t have? The answer is to make your own! After all, your style is something that should be uniquely your own, and you cannot get that by wearing something that another person created.

Buying wholesale fleece fabric is incredibly cheap compared to the cost of pre-made clothes. Sure, you will have to put some work in, but isn’t it worth it? You can also make a new handbag that will suit your tastes exactly as well as stiff pieces of cardboard or plastic as a base to make hats or soft shoes. If you have the skill for it, you can even make yourself a nice set of gloves.

Another fun way to use wholesale fleece cloth is to re-cover your furniture with it. For instance, maybe you have a stained white couch, and you want it to look nice again. For only $3-$5 per yard, you can’t beat this method for cost efficiency and customization.

Right now we have a sale going on that you may be inclined to check out. This printed fleece fabric is sure to impress. The fabric is colored with gentle pastel colors, keeping it from looking too gaudy or loud. This is a thick fabric, woven very tightly to provide maximum warmth. This makes it perfect for making winter clothes such as taboggans and gloves. The fabric is decorated with tasteful depictions of flowers, bees, and ladybugs on a soft and pleasant surface. At only $4.99 per yard, it is an excellent deal for any of your clothing or project needs.

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