Pretty Pink Hawaiian Flower Fabric: Perfect For Baby Blankets and Clothing

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This warm and durable baby pink fabric is perfect for soft baby blankets and dresses for you. The 60 x 36″ width of this fabric is sold in continuous yards so you can select the yardage you need for your project. We have 60-yard rolls available for $228.00. The two-sided brushed texture ensures that the pattern remains intact, while the anti-pill method used to treat the fabric ensures that the fabric holds up under usage and normal wear and tear.

Fleece fabric is known for its warmth retention but it also is known for its light weight that makes it easy to cut and sew into patterns. Superior quality fabric like this pretty pink Hawaiian Flower fabric provides the creative sewer opportunities to create sundresses, jackets and other accessories such as booties.

The characteristics of the fabric are that it is made of a 100% polyester and is easily washable. The durability of this fabric does make it perfect for outerwear, but one can also use the fabric to weave into a pretty quilt. This does make for a nice Hawaiian shirt to get you in the mood for a Hawaiian celebration or a beautiful muumuu to wear on a tropical luau. The possibilities are endless!

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Fleece Printed Fabric Flower

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Football season is among us. It time to show your team spirit! You don’t have to spend a ton of money on team gear this year. Make your own team spirit gear with a print fabric. You can make throws, pillows, fleeces, and blankets. With prices as low as $16.99 a yard, you can make gear for the whole family! So, the next time you are in the market for some NFL Print Polar Fleece Fabric shop online at Bigz Fabric. The web address is as follows: We have all the latest and greatest NFL Team Fabrics. Just imagine making that special someone a throw for the first game of the season. We are sure he or she would be a grateful individual. Don’t continue to throw away your hard earned money on expensive markups in retail stores and shops. Let Bigz Fabric help you make that special game day complete!

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Steelers Fleece Fabric

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A Few Tips Using Fleece Fabric.

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Using fleece material can be a little tricky, it tends to shift a lot more than other types of material. One tip that is helpful when using fleece material, is either use a walking foot, if that is not available, use straight pins for lawyers. Securely lawyer your fleece material to cut down on the amount of shifting that it does. The next tip for sewing with fleece is before the project starts to get some lightweight stabilizer fabric. Often times when sewing hems using fleece material it can look a little uneven and wavy. Using the stabilizer material will even out the fleece. The fleece material had a little give to it.

Working with the stabilizer will even out the material. The next tip is to use polyester thread. Using this time of treed will be the most accommodating to the fleece. Cotton thread breaks too easily and is just not compatible with fleece. A nice thing about using fleece material is that the thread does not show up like it does when using other types of material. This allows you to use any color of thread, since it’s hard to see it on the material. Using pins and or clips on the fleece before you start sewing will make the martial easier to uses. You want to pin the hems into place before yous start sewing, this makes the sewing so much easier. Ironing fleece does not work well, so a hot press is more desirable on very low heat.

fleece printed fabric

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