Camouflage Fleece Dog Pajamas

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Camouflage Fleece Dog Pajamas

Camouflage Fleece Dog Pajamas

Dog owners can get very fashionable when it comes to their furry best friend. For many, it’s perfectly okay to dress them up cute little outfits as they go walks or play around the house. The Fleece Printed Fabric Camouflage is the ideal fabric to make nice pajamas for dogs.

This thick, durable and soft type of material is available in camouflage army, camouflage pink, and camouflage with white, silver and black, giving dog owners three options to make their pets look great. As a very intricately woven material, fleece is made to maximize warmth and brings the feel of superior quality to any item it makes. Seeing your dog happy and playful in his pajamas is sure to bring even more joy and happiness to the family.

Fleece is also a light type of fabric that is easy to sew and work with, creating blankets, covers, quilts, hoodies, jackets, sheets, tops, garments, pants bottoms, shirts, other clothing, and much more. This printed camouflage fabric is made from 100% Polyester, with two side brushed and one side with the anti-pill treatment used to hold the formation of fleece ball due to wear and usage. This fabric is sold in continuous yards with a measurement of width 60″x 36” length. Call now for wholesale prices to 213-624-BIGZ (2449)

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Camo Print Fleece Fabric By The Roll White Khaki Pink

Camouflage Print Fleece Fabric By The Roll White Khaki Pink

Camo Print Fleece Fabric By The Roll Pink

Camouflage Print Fleece Fabric By The Roll Pink

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