Making a Statement

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Men’s outerwear is a necessity on a cold or chili day. Most of the available products are plain or simply just colorless. Creating a statement piece with a fun fabric print makes a fun piece of clothing that you’ll want to keep as a staple. Create that statement by using this fun summer print in a jacket.

To create this jacket, be sure to purchase enough fleece to complete the job. Average sizes usually take between three to five yards. It is also important to remember to correctly measure inseams of arms and back measurements. This fabric is roughly $3-$4 a yard which makes it a great and inexpensive option for outerwear. Other designs of fleece could be used, but why not create a great jacket that could be worn for all seasons?

Creating a piece of men’s outerwear that stands out and is unique while providing comfort is a great accomplishment. Fleece fabric is an easy to work with product that creates the versatility and can keep the warmth.

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Hawaiian mens outerwear

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