Halloween Skull Bones Fleece Fabric

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Halloween Skull Bones Fleece Fabric

Halloween Skull Bones Fleece Fabric

One of the best things about Halloween is that it’s okay to be different and even a little scary. Okay, for some of us, the scarier the better!

Whether you’re into headless maidens or blood-dripping vampires, the Skull Bones Fleece Fabric is one design you’ll want to wear this Halloween. Whatever your personal style, you will find your preference among the 10 different colors to choose from, including black/red, bone/ black, black checkered, blue checkered, as well as intriguing designs like love hurts, skull bones, rose and thorns, and bone ribbon skulls.

One of the reasons fleece is popular this time of year is that it is made to maximize warmth while giving the feel of superior quality. This durable, soft fabric is very intricately woven with 100% Polyester. Yet despite its thickness, fleece is also a light type of fabric that is easy to sew and work with. In addition to making creative costumes, the Skull Bones Fleece Fabric is often used for blankets, covers, quilts, hoodies, jackets, sheets, tops, garments, pants bottoms, shirts and other items.

This Skull Print Polar Fleece Fabric features two-side brushed and one side anti-peel to minimize any damage caused by wear and usage. In addition, the fabric is available in continuous yards measuring width 60″x 36 length to customize for any size or style of costume.

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