Army Camouflage Fleece

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Fleece is a fantastic fabric for sewists of all levels, and I do mean all levels, from quilting expert to “I’ve never threaded a needle.” For this reason, it is most people’s material of choice for many crafts. We absolutely love this Fleece Printed Fabric Army Camouflage. The army/camouflage print goes with a number of different projects, and now that it’s on sale for $4.25 a yard (that’s over 50% off the regular price), you really can’t beat it.

Fleece is a very forgiving fabric for newer sewists, it holds itself nice and flat as you’re running it through your sewing machine and even responds well to fabric glue, or bonding tape, for those who would rather leave the needles behind.

A nice and simple fleece craft is the no-sew knot blanket. This sounds complicated, but it simply involves laying two pieces of fleece on top of each other, cutting two-inch fringes all around the edge, and knotting the two pieces of fleece together. The result is a simple, cozy, blanket that will hold up through years of washes without any need of a needle. Use this technique to make easy blankets for your pets for a sturdy and warm result!

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