Fleece for your Family! Warm, Soft and Colorful!

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This high-quality fleece will impress you! It is brushed on both sides, and one side has been formulated to be anti-peel. This means it is designed to prevent those little pill-balls that are common on fleece and will keep your project looking its best. Warm and thick, Fleece Printed Fabric Animal Zebra will keep you and your family cozy. Create warm hoodies or vests for your little ones, or a soft baby blanket. Or sew warm winter sweaters for you and your family. You can even make a knotted, no-sew throw blanket using this fabric. Just layer two pieces on top of each other, cut out the corners, and cut a fringe all the way around. Then just double-knot them together!

This fabric comes in a width of 60 inches and is made of polyester. You can choose from over 10 color options, including Rainbow, Fuchsia, Blue, Purple, and Lime. Choose from color on black or color on white for even more variety! This fabric sells for $4.99 per yard, with samples available for $1. Bring some warmth into your winter.

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fleece pink zebra print

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