Let Native Pride Warm You

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Warm colors and fabrics can inspire us to create many things. It’s even better when we can do so out of pride of where so many of our roots can be traced. We all have a warrior within, and this Native Warrior fabric showcases just that.

Do you have a loved one who would love a warm blanket? This lovely fabric can be used to create the backing for a quilt to warm them all year long.Using a fleece material in a quilt keeps you from paying extra for batting. Make a matching pillow case to accompany the quilt!
A favorite pet could cuddle on a bed that perhaps matches the motif of your living area. If you don’t have a pet, the vibrant material could be used as a wall design or even a set of curtains.
The bohemian free spirit scene is so popular in our culture today. At 4.99 a yard this soft but durable is ideal for any number of clothing pieces. This includes hoodies and pajama pants. With just a little creativity, and the right amount of material the possibilities are endless.

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