Turn Your Hobbies Into Money

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Are you someone who is a crafty, do it yourself kind of person? If so, have you ever thought about turning your crafts and projects into something you can sell? With the fall and winter seasons coming up, a good thing to start selling would be throw blankets! We have a super cute, fuzzy, pink zebra print pattern that would be awesome if you have little girls, nieces, or just love gifting your creations.

The material has such a complex weave, giving it the feel of something that is super high quality, as well as making it as warm as possible. It is a very durable and thick fabric, but it still remains soft to the touch. This material is very affordable; it is being priced at $4.99 per yard.
The fabric can be used for more than just throw blankets, it can be used for covers and quilts. If you are feeling really crafty, you could even make clothes out of this outstanding material. So, if you possess the ability to turn a piece of fabric into something incredible, then head click below to pick out a fabric and start creating something!

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pink zebra fleece fabric

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